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Our Full Compliance Framework Dictionary 

Customized Operations


We provide a comprehensive Operations Manual covering all the relevant operations within your organization. This documentation includes needed policies and processes meeting the highest professional and regulatory standards. These processes are optimized and customized to business and go into great detail to ensure efficient, accurate, and consistent execution of all activities by veteran and new employees alike.
This manual also includes processes to perform continuous improvement for your business and keep the framework up to date.

Roles and Responsibilities Mapping

We create a mapping of all activities by role or specific person with a reference to the exact procedure(s) in the Operations Manual ensuring everyone knows what to do and that each individual can correctly be held accountable.
Compliance Mapping 
A documented mapping of every compliance requirement to the relevant sections of your operations manual, allowing auditors to easily see your compliance-relevant activities and their execution.




A schedule indicating when each operational action is to be performed organized by the party responsible for those actions.


& Operations


An automated portal where you can see all your operational activities and whether they have been performed. To make sure no activity is ever forgotten, the system automatically sends reminders of every activity to the responsible person at the right time. It also acts as an electronic repository for all process documentation. This means it’s also a one-stop shop for auditors.
The net result of this framework is that your business runs better, more efficiently, with more visibility, and with less exposure to liability.

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