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Full Compliance Framework


Small and medium-sized companies like yours are constantly challenged with changing regulatory demands and market dynamics. HR Lab Los Angeles can help streamline business operations and compliance so you can focus on delivering the high quality and cost effective goods and services to your clientele.

In addition to best of breed HR Subscription service, HR Lab Los Angeles offers a comprehensive Full Compliance Framework solution that ensures your business is not only compliant and efficient, but also that it stays that way. 

A Whole New Way of Doing Things

Our framework consists of:

Roles & Responsibilities Mapping

A documented mapping of every activity to a specific responsible role and/or person.

Organized Schedule

A schedule indicating when each operational action is to be performed. Organized by the party responsible for those actions.

Compliance & Operations Tracking

An automated compliance and operations tracking system that reminds specific individuals of their tasks at the right time and allows it to be checked off so that management can see progress or any deficiencies.

Customized Operations Manual 

A made-to-measure manual covering all operational activities.

Compliance Mapping

A documented mapping of every compliance requirement to the relevant sections of

your operations manual.

Full Details

We welcome you to learn full details on each of the aspects of the framework. Click here to access our FCF dictionary. 

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