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What is HR’s Role in Digital Transformation?

Read on below to find out what digital transformation is and how you can take the first steps into the future today.

One of the definitions of digital transformation is that it is the conversion of processes, activities and models to meet digital economy requirements until the company is a fully networked digital organisation. Think of all the operations and customer experiences created at your company throughout the years it has been operating. What digital transformation can do is take any or all of these aspects and redefine them using digital technologies. In other words, digital transformation equals change multiplied and amplified by modern day technology.

Digital transformation is driven by key factors such as technology, market demand, consumer behavior, and also external factors. Speaking in current terms, many conventional businesses had to transition into virtual work because of the pandemic.

Digital transformation is not an easy process, therefore training your staff to prepare to work from home is important. Have a support system for your team members in case they have difficulties while transitioning into the new norm of work life.

What role does digital transformation play in your broader HR/business strategy?

Amid the pandemic, businesses came to realize that distance is not a barrier to accomplishing their goals. Whether internally within the company or externally with other stakeholders, we can perform almost anything virtually. Before the pandemic, companies were resistant to change and technology, and now they welcome it. Digital transformation boosts our business strategy of becoming a global HR leader. Many aspects of company operations and customer experiences can continually improve and redefine until it is a fully networked digital organization. We now have the opportunity to empower and support businesses by using digital technologies.

As we look to the future, what is one question every business leader should be asking, and why?

Are you open to change? For a business to succeed, it must be receptive to change. Just as many companies had to evolve and adjust during the pandemic, a leader of the future must be open to unexpected changes and deviations from the plan. A business leader needs to be a change advocate and a role model for the team. This way, they will be the guiding example of adaptability and flexibility. They must continually evaluate operations and customer experiences to analyze what works and what needs change. This way, businesses can survive and grow.

How did your professional & academic experiences influence how you approach digital transformation in your organization?

My professional experiences range from being a Compliance Consultant to a Human Resources Director. My academic background ranges from studying Economics, moving onto Business Administration, and studying abroad in Cambridge. My experience has shaped me into a resilient and adaptable leader for my organization. I welcome challenges and look for continuous improvement in everything I do. As well, I strive to cultivate flexibility in the company culture. I train my team to be open to trying new things and adapting to unforeseen circumstances. I utilize digital technology to have open communication lines, improve efficiency, and achieve effectiveness.

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Obtain Professional Certifications

A great way to transition into a new career is showing possible employers that you have the necessary knowledge in the field. SHRM has the aPHR certification for professionals looking to transition into the field or recently graduated students. HR Lab is committed to helping individuals achieve this certification through our course, which you can access here.

Transitioning into a new field can be overwhelming if you do know where to start. These questions will help to get started or advance.

If you are still not convinced about the benefits of digital transformation, check out this list of companies that based their operations on this principle. We also invite you to take a look at our website www.hrlablosangeles.com and decide if we could be of service to you in your operations.

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