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Audits are a major component to compliance. HR compliance is the process, where HR administrators and employers establish policies and procedures that adhere to local, state and federal legal regulations. As HR certified professionals, we are knowledgeable in new hire onboarding documents. We will make sure you are prepared for OSHA, IRS, and immigration audits.


When you are cautious, you get to avoid any lawsuits and legal matters by being prepared and taking proactive measures. We are here to support your business to:


  • Avoid lawsuits 
  • Abide by laws and regulations
  • Have better market performance 
  • Prevent risks 
  • Save money on legal costs


Our pricing is based on the number of employees.

The audit fee will include getting your documentation fully compliant. We will not only review your past paperwork, but we will also ensure that you have all the legal necessities and forms for your future.

HR Audit | 20-49 Employees

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