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Earning the LABOR RELATIONS digital badge requires successfully completing the following courses:

·         Labor Relations

·         Union Representation of Employees

·         Employer Unfair Labor Practices

·         Union Unfair Labor Practices and Strikes

·         Collective Bargaining

·         Maintaining Nonunion Status

·         Public Sector Labor Relations


Earners of the Labor Relations digital badge have made detailed and critical study of the employee and labor relations of an organization. Earners have mastered the fundamentals regarding union representation of employees, union and labor relations and principles regarding unfair labor practices and collective bargaining.

The courses required for this digital badge will automatically be added to your user account within 5-10 minutes of placing your order. Access to Micro HR courses is granted for 12 months from the date of purchase. Internet access is required to view these courses.

These self-paced courses consist of reading and/or listening to content and answering assessment questions. Successful completion of these courses requires passing all the course assessments at 100 percent. The assessments can be taken multiple times. Upon successful completion of all required courses, a digital badge and certificate of completion will be issued, both of which can be claimed through Credly.

The courses associated with completing this digital badge have been pre-approved by HRCI and SHRM for recertification and may qualify as professional development credits for other professional certifications.

Recertification Credits/PDC’s:  2.5

You can retrieve your activity codes and certificates of completion via the website. To apply these credits towards recertification, each activity code must be submitted through HRCI and/or SHRM’s website. There may be multiple activity codes associated with the completion of a Micro HR digital badge. These recertification credits are provided by HRrecert.


Labor Relations Badge

  • Approximate time to complete:  2.5 hours

  • ·         CPU: 2GHz processor or faster

    ·         4GB RAM or greater

    ·         Windows: 8.1, 10

    ·         MacOS: Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur

    ·         Mobile: iOS, Android

    ·         Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

    ·         Internet speed: 4Mbps up 2Mbps down or better

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