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An interactive workshop to help you communicate more effectively by improving your  email writing skills 


What is “Managing Effective Teams”


We designed this one day session to help youmanage team more effectively. You will improve your leadership skills and obtain powerful knowledge to make you an even more successful as a business leader. 


Managing a team of employees requires a different set of skills than managing individual employees. This seminar is designed to help you better direct your work groups.

During this highly interactive session, you will:

  • Identify teams
  • Assess individual team members
  • Assess your team as a whole
  • Learning skills for managing your team, and
  • Identify additional resources


Leadership development can help establish skills in supporting employees to become positive contributors to the organization. Our trainings can also help strengthen employee commitment and dedication to your company.


Over the years, we have realized that our mission is to achieve a chain reaction that starts with supporting businesses to build the future workforce. Our team has worked with various companies and professionals that embraced our business and personal growth development strategies and practices. Today, we want to share our knowledge and best practices to make a better professional. 


Before you go:


  • This class will be hosted on Google Meet and include breakout rooms to interact with other participants.

  • Your invitation link will be emailed to you after you register.

  • There will be an optional 15 minute Q&A at the end of the class.

  • Due to limited seating in each class, all ticket purchases are final.


Disclaimer: The information in these materials should not be considered legal, accounting, or investment advice, and it should not substitute for legal, accounting, investment, and other professional advice where the facts and circumstances warrant. It is provided for informational purposes only. If you require legal, accounting, or investment advice, or need other professional assistance, you should always consult your attorney, accountant, or other professional advisors to discuss your particular facts, circumstances, business, personal finance, and investment needs.


Managing Effective Teams

  • Managers, Supervisors, and Employees 

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