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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide powerful and usable solutions for our customers in regards to HR operations, regulatory compliance, workforce management, as well as training and retention.

Our Vision 

Our vision is to be a company that is fueled by ethics, morals, and knowledge in helping businesses flourish. We want to be a guiding, inspiring and an educational resource for our customers. 

german shepher as the office pet while working from home in the pandemic


We love what we do, and we are proud of the company we are building. Our story began in 2020, when Anna, one of HR Lab founders, had to lay off employees right in the middle of the pandemic. These employees were people she interviewed, onboarded, trained, attended company parties with, and supported for many years. It was heartbreaking, yet she had no power over it. 


Anna's decided to create a company where she could empower others instead of weighing them down. Her dream company would work together to develop a solution so people's wages would suffer to a minimum. She wanted her employees to feel valued 

and cared for—full transparency during unprecedented times.

Hence, HR Lab Los Angeles was born. Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to become a Small Giant and to contribute to society. The work started, and it is still going. Always growing, always learning, and always striving to be kind, compassionate, and supportive towards each other.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team
Team member Anna Smiling
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Anna's Story

Growing up in a family of neurologists, I have seen my parents show never ending compassion and support. I want to continue their legacy by sharing my knowledge, and being an example of a servant leader. I am here to grow with my team as we solve challenges for our customers.

Anna Bakunts
HR Director
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Team member Hiral Smiling
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Hiral's Story 

HR Lab is the type of organization that many aspire to find. Their foundation relies on being there for businesses, but most importantly individuals. I am very grateful for the support, compassion and continuous learning I get to be apart of. 

Hiral Patel
HR Team Leader
Team member Kimberly smiling
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Kimberly's Story 

I joined HR Lab because their vision of a fun and healthy work environment aligns with mine. The Team at HR lab stand by their values of full transparency, empathy, and flexibility for their employees. I always feel supported here. It's awesome! 

Kimberly Martinez
HR Team Leader

Our Office Buddies

Office buddy, Bull Dog/German Shepard mix


Gilly is our amazing team member. He may bark at squirrels during our meetings but he has never missed one! 

Office buddy, German Shepard


Maxie is our visionary team member. He enjoys staring into the future and his alone time

while doing it. 


logo of jacob madani shoes as our client at hr lab los angeles
logo of Cali Car Buyers as our client at hr lab los angeles
logo of sloanes valley village restaurant as our client at hr lab los angeles
logo of turf motel as our client at hr lab los angeles

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