Human Resources

An HR team is the backbone of any company, because it constantly evaluates risks and protects the organization from potential liabilities.

What Do We Offer?

Recruiting And Onboarding

We will completely be hands on by recruiting employees with knowledge, skills, and abilities of the position. Applicants will be reviewed solely on these qualities which will bring in diversity of individuals. We will also take care of on-boarding, off-boarding, and employee disputes. You will be provided with Policies and Procedures and new hire packages that reflect your business.


Organizational Development

We help you focus on company culture, ethics, and morale that will aid in employee satisfaction and retention. Focusing on organizational development in a company is very important as many employees' commitment to a company reflects it. Workplace studies show that employees are more likely to stay committed to a company that has a great company culture in which they feel recognized and challenged for growth. 

   General Compliance

Compliance is an important aspect for a business. We offer full compliance to help your business mitigate risk. When employment laws or regulations change, we make speedy updates to contracts and policies. To learn more about compliance CLICK HERE. 


 Safety & Worker Protection

We have a detailed and robust Site Protection Plan and Safety Guidelines. These reflect current Covid-19 measures that are directly derived from CDC and OSHA standards. These will be personalized by us to fit your specific business. As Covid-19 measures are always changing, we will continue to update constantly to keep relevant practices. 

Keyboard and Mouse

Unlimited HR Support

You will have a team dedicated to helping your business with any HR needs. We are here to help take the HR load off, while you take care of your business. This includes sick leave, family leave, pregnancy leave, dealing with employees who may not be following company regulations, benefit checks, and anything that may arise. 

         Annual HR Audit

We follow the Society of Human Resources (SHRM) protocols when conducting audits. These are given much focus to give accurate information. According to the SHRM website, the model for audit includes the type of audit, audit questionnaire, benchmark findings, provide feedback about the results, create action plans, and a plan for continuous improvement ( We will take care of this entire process for you. 

We specialize in providing outsourced human resources services designed to protect businesses by ensuring compliance with all governing agencies, assisting customers with developing an infrastructure which supports the employee relationship from both management and employee perspectives, and supporting business owners to provide peace of mind.
We are simple, transparent with flexible terms that reflect the needs of your business. 


Diversity and inclusion is deeply embedded into our company culture. When hiring we focus solemnly on skills and knowledge, which enables us to expand diversity in many work places. We have an entire section in our Policies and Procedures educating not only our own team, but our clients workforce as well.  

Professor & Students

&  Inclusion

Our diversity and inclusion practices stem from the Society for Human Resources Management's (SHRM) recommendations for the workplace. We focus on data collection and analysis to determine a need for change. Next, we strategize on how to implement the new change, followed by an evaluation of the outcome. 

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