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4 Podcasts That Will Put You In The Growth Mindset

Updated: May 6, 2022

An inspirational podcast can set you up for success. Our team is constantly getting inspired by the podcasts we listen to. We have discussions on each podcast and highlight what we have learned from them.


Take a look at what HR Lab is listening to. We hope you enjoy our recommendations!


"How to Stop Feeling Inadequate" by Dr Jade, Savvy Psychologist

Everyone feels inadequate sometimes. We all have someone in our life who makes us feel invalid. Often that someone is something, like an academic institution or a cultural stereotype. We often tend to dive into it and begin to question ourselves, “Am I good enough?” In this podcast, Dr. Jade shares seven tips to lift ourselves and stop feeling inadequate. I will share my favorite 5.

The first tip is to “trust that everyone has their stuff.” We must remember that everyone’s life is not perfect. For example, have you ever felt happy to have passed a test, but then the person next to you shows off their perfect score. Well, they must feel inadequate about something. True inadequacy does not show in real life.

The second tip is to “add yet” to our incomplete goals. For example, instead of saying, “I don’t have my dream job,” “I don’t understand this subject,” try “I don’t have my dream job yet,” “I don’t understand this subject yet.” That one word changes the whole meaning of the statement. It helps motivate you to keep going!

The third tip is another wordplay “and.” When we talk about our progress, we often undermine it by applying the word “but.” For example, “I’m eating much more nutritious food now, but I have to start exercising,” try “I’m eating much more nutritious food, and I have to start exercising.” Using the word “but” instead of “and” sounds like you are scolding yourself. Saying “and” acknowledges your wins.

The fourth tip is to “give your best self a rest.” We often want people to like us. Sometimes we tell ourselves that just being us isn’t enough. The solution is that you need to realize that your best self will not always be on display. You must accept lousy hair days, lazy workdays, relationship stumbles without judging yourself.

Lastly, perfection is boring. When something is perfect, that means there is nowhere left to go. It is much more fun to be a work in progress. While listening to this podcast, I didn’t realize how many tendencies I have that cause me to doubt myself. I often think I need to be perfect to succeed, but I am already winning as long as I am working towards those goals.


"The 4 Ways Your Mind Learns and How to Strengthen Your Focus, Memory, and Attention" Jay Shetty, On Purpose