5 Effective Ways to Jumpstart Your Career in Human Resources (HR)

Updated: Oct 3

Read on below to find out how you can work on your professional development right away.

Are you looking to transition into the Human Resources (HR) field? Are you wondering how you can start without any prior experience in the industry and be able to land an opportunity that could take your professional development further? We have streamlined five ways to start now by reading regularly, finding mentors, cultivating peer relationships, attending seminars and conferences, and attaining professional certifications.

Read Regularly

Reading improves your intelligence and expands your horizon. Read not only current events but subjects that can broaden your perspective. It is imperative to stay updated on new or improved laws and regulations. The Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) has a great news section to keep you updated. Reading the news will help you stay up to date with current events. You will find the topics that interest you more than others, thus understanding your interest areas.

Find Mentors

Develop relationships with people who will give you honest advice. The support you get from mentors differs from other professional associations because they are your guide and not the coach. They will set you in the right direction and then check in to ensure you are on the right track. Great mentors will give you feedback that you will remember for years. If you do not have one, career coaches are a great resource and a place to start. Always invest in yourself.

Cultivate Peer Relationships

Develop relationships with as many people as possible in your industry. Networking will help you gain new perspectives and ideas. When you are nurturing relations and connections, you are also growing as a professional. As well, networking, a great way to give back and help each other professionally. You can also join professional Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter groups. Feel free to follow our IG page for fun HR content and tips.