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Inspirational Podcasts We’re Listening to From Home

Updated: May 6, 2022

An inspirational podcast can set you up for success. Our team is constantly getting inspired by the podcasts we listen to. We have discussions on each podcast and highlight what we have learned from them.


Take a look at what HR Lab is listening to. We hope you enjoy our recommendations!


"My Secret To Staying Focused Under Pressure" by Ted Talks Daily

In this podcast, Russell explains his ideology of “Neutral thinking.” Russell was drafted to play for the NFL on June 8, 2010 and on June 9, 2010 his father died of cancer. He went from the highest moment of his life to an immediate downfall “the highest of the high to the lowest to low” in just a day. He continued to share very similar life stories, but through all his hardships, he realized “life happens” and life happens to all of us. Russell explains that positivity is great, but it doesn’t always work. It’s hard to be positive in situations where you’re struggling financially, losing a family member, and dealing with fatal illness. He found that negativity works 100% percent of the time. In any situation, negativity can be applied, but negativity gets you nowhere. How do you get through a painful situation? By engaging in neutral thinking! Russell stated, “Like a car, you must learn how to shift to neutral before you crash.” You must not let yourself get drowned by emotions.

We must remember that our mindset is a skill, it can be learned and taught. We can train our mind by asking ourselves, what do we want our life to look like, what do our best moments look like, and based on those answers we become that. Neutral thinking does not mean you have no emotion. It just means you have to learn to stay focused in the moment and not be too emotional. Ask yourself — how do I do this right now, when life seems difficult. You never want to live in negativity, stay neutral.

This really stuck with me because we often find ourselves dwelling in negativity. We find it difficult to keep going when we fail at something. But we can’t let failures and hardships stop our goals in life, just because “life happens”. We can’t stall our process, we must learn how to remain neutral and keep going.


"The Power of Reflection" by Lewis Howes