6 Fun Virtual Team-Building Activities For Your Remote Team

Updated: Oct 3

Employees need to have pleasant and positive interactions with their coworkers more than ever. A positive culture creates a more engaged and efficient workplace, especially virtually. To help you get started, we have included six activities your workplace can implement to increase overall bonding.

Quarantine days seem to have made our lives dull. We are stuck at home working remotely and trying to cope with a limited lifestyle. Hence, the unavoidable consequences are ready: stress, boredom, frustration, fears, and bad mood. And all these things are followed by a lack of communication, low levels of motivation, and productivity. Oh, this negative chain! “What can I do to avoid the split of my workforce? We still have so many things to do, so many goals to achieve”, your fears may be.

Don’t stress. We are here to help you not to lose your team’s bond. Whether isolated or not, you should always support your team to keep your engagement and work minds active. What will come in handy more if not team building?

In this article, we will provide six fun team-building activities for a virtual setting. Use them to keep your team members involved, more engaged, and productive!

Are Virtual Team-building Activities So Important?

Yes and yes! According to a 2019 Gallup study, 28% of full-time employees expressed regular or constant burnout at work, and 48% mentioned occasional burnout. What this means is that 8 in 10 employees have this feeling at work, at least sometimes. Burnout should be, in fact, the biggest concern of leaders. This kind of exhaustion may cause emotional isolation. Thus, it can have its direct effect on your employees’ poor performance. Let’s see how.

With the feeling of loneliness, your teammates may not trust each other. And how can there be strong relationships without any trust? It’s vital to create a strong work culture. The constantly negative feeling may reduce your employees’ job satisfaction. So, you will have to change your workforce more often. Hiring new employees is costly and results in high turnover.

Additionally, there is no guarantee that this will solve the problem. Instead, why not focus on keeping a sustainable and loyal team. We have no idea how long we’ll have to work in a virtual setting, do we? It’s essential to act as time demands.

To support you, we put together a list of fun virtual team-building activities. These activities will:

  • reduce the feeling of loneliness;

  • boost the morale of the team;

  • increase productivity and efficiency;

  • lead to job satisfaction;

  • create a strong bond among the teammates;

  • keep the employees fresh and happy.