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We are a human resources

and business compliance-focused consulting and advisory firm

that believes in supporting small and medium-sized businesses.

happy team members discussing business, human resources, HR outsourcing and certification


Our team is led by certified and experienced HR professionals. 
We strive to be the solution for our customers, not just their success but also their happiness. 
Illustration of Kimberly - one of the HR business partners at HR lab
Illustration of Anna - one of the HR business partners at HR lab
Illustration of Hiral - one of the HR business partners at HR lab
HR Business Partners presenting their HR audit findings
Covid-19 Related Resources

We strive to keep you and your employees safe. We offer Site Protection Plans and Safety Checklists derived from the latest CDC and OSHA standards. Our plans and checklists are customized to match your specific business operations and processes. 

Virtual Onboarding & Orientation

We review your onboarding process to identify the aspects that are working well and those that require improvement. Having orientation and onboarding plans is crucial as it defines how your new hire perceives your company. 

Proper Documentation & Compliance 

We prepare you for OSHA, EEOC, and other applicable audits. Compliance with employment laws and practices is what keeps your employees safe from harm, discrimination, and unfair treatment. We keep up with changes regarding rules and regulations, so you don’t have to.

Employee Engagement & Company Culture

We conduct assessments to discover the goals and aspirations of your employees to ensure a positive company culture. Motivated employees are happy employees and ones that create a thriving work environment. Paying attention to your company culture and employee engagement helps with turnover, retention, and increased profitability. 

Our Services: 

This image states HR lab's belief in individuals and understanding the multigenerational force

We Believe in Being Extraordinary

We at HR Lab believe it is our duty to help employees find their highest potential.


As a multigenerational company, we understand the new generation of workers is looking to be a part of the company that brings greatness and innovation. 

We have the people, the insight and the drive to make the difference now. 

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