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2023 Gift Guide Under 100$: Small Business Edition

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

It can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect gift to give the people in our lives. From our supportive neighbor to the coworker that we connect with on a daily basis. We are here to help and provide a guide with the latest gifts from small businesses under $100.

By doing our shopping locally, we are giving two gifts. One by supporting our small businesses in our communities and another by gifting the special people in our lives with a thoughtful handcrafted gift made by love. We strive to recognize small businesses and appreciate their creations. Getting your shopping done can be rewarding and hassle-free if you are familiar with what you are able to purchase in your own community.

1. Valerie Confections

Valerie Confections is a Los Angeles-based confectioner that specializes in hand-crafted chocolates, petits fours, cakes, chocolate-covered toffee, preserves, baked goods, and more. The company prides itself on using only the best all-natural ingredients and has become synonymous with luxury chocolate since it was founded in 2004. This small business has a shop located in Glendale, California and they have a wide-range of priced gifts to choose from.

From Valerie Confections, you can purchase pre-wrapped gift sets with a wonderful selection of chocolates and sweets. We love that they have themed gifts to celebrate special events such as Valentine’s Day and even a gift-line dedicated to the year of the rabbit. Who doesn’t love to be gifted chocolate?

2. Skylight Books

Looking for a gift to give the reader in your life? Skylight Books is a bookstore located in the Los Angeles neighborhoods of Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Echo Park, and Downtown. They feature literary fiction, graphic novels, children's books, California history and culture, political and social sciences, essays and nonfiction, and books on art, photography, film, and music.

They also have a selection of hand-picked magazines and zines, stationery, and gifts. We recommend that you go into the store to browse their book selection or visit their website to shop their best-sellers and get more information regarding the reading events they host weekly.

3. Body Butter Lady

Shea butter is a great gift to give someone to nourish their skin. Body Butter Lady is a small-business founded in 2003 that hand-makes all natural shea-butter with scent extracts from fruits and flowers. Body Butter Lady has been selling their original line of shea butter products at weekly Los Angeles events such as the Culver City Farmers Market and the Crenshaw Farmers Market.

Their business strives to be transparent and informative about their shea butter which is from Ghana and Mali. Their signature shea butter scents include Mingle, Cherry Blossom, Lavish, Tango, and Plain. We recommend trying their seasonal scent that is available from February to May called the Orange Bang.

4. Shop Dinosaur

If you want to give a unique gift with a high cuteness level, Shop Dinosaur is the best place to look. This small business shows off their world famous dinos and comics through merchandise that can be purchased from their online store.

By browsing their site, you will be able to purchase a gift for anybody in your life as their comical sayings are just so relatable. Shop Dinosaur’s product line ranges from sweatshirts, hats, drinkware, and stationary items. At HR Lab, our personal favorites are the holiday sweatshirts with the images of a tree-rex. Haha, get it?

5. HRLab Los Angeles

HRLab’s story began in 2020, when Anna, one of HR Lab founders, had to lay off employees right in the middle of the pandemic. It was heartbreaking, yet she had no power over it. Anna decided to create a company where she could empower others instead of weighing them down.

HR Lab is a human resources and business compliance-focused consulting and advisory firm that believes in supporting small and medium-sized businesses. Besides human resource consulting, HR Lab has recently launched their candle line. Each soy wax candle is individually handcrafted, made from recyclable glass, and packaged in beautiful packaging. They also offer personalized and related captions, so you can give the perfect, unique gift to your person of choice.

6. Goodies LA

If you’re active on Tik-tok, then chances are you have come across Goodies LA on your feed. If not, we are here to highlight this minimal home decor brand as being one of the most unique and affordable small businesses in Los Angeles .Goodies offer low-cost home goods by working with artisans directly and keeping marketing and advertising simple.

By doing so, Goodies is able to sell high-quality items at under $25. Their wide range of home decor includes products made out of wood, marble, and ceramic. The perfect subtle gift to give any co-worker or loved one. Pieces that have caught our eye include the ceramic textured mugs, wooden cheese boards, and onyx jewelry dish.

7. Potted

Potted is an outdoor lifestyle business founded by long-time friends Mary Gray and Annette Goliti Gutierrez. Their passion for renovating homes and gardens turned into a successful business of selling their own outdoor products. Buying a gift for someone from Potted LA will be perfect for the nature lover in your life and add the perfect touch of essence to anyone’s home.

They sell a wide range of outdoor decor from fire pits, planters, planting tools, furniture to more. Besides selling outdoor decor, Potted LA offers plantscaping services and workshops for anyone interested in learning more about planting. We recommend stopping by their store located in the Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles.

8. Cote

Founded by Mary Lennon and Leah Yari, Côte is a nail polish brand that focuses on creating products that are created free from toxins and allergens. Their mission is to take the “toxins” out of nail treatment and promote clean, safer beauty products.

From this small business, you can purchase nail polishes, nail treatment tools, and masks. It is simply the perfect gift for anyone special in your life, as nail care is an important aspect of overall health. We recommend purchasing their best selling nail polishes on their website as those are the current trending nail colors of the season. As well as purchasing any nail treatment set that is essential in keeping your cuticles nourished and nails healthy.

9. Vinovore

Founded by Coly Den Haan, Vinovore is a wine shop in Silver Lake that specializes in wines made exclusively by women. In addition to a wide selection of natural wines, Vinovore offers custom gift boxes for just about anyone in your life. From the cat lover, to the gamer, to the person that could use a cozy wine gift set.

If you have trouble finding a pre-made gift box, you have the option of creating your own. We recommend that you go on their website to get to know your Vinivore Spirit Animal (s), then shop based on your results and preferences. You are able to shop in-store at their Silverlake location and hand-pick your own bottle of natural wine to gift.

10. Shorthand

Shorthand is a small business located in the heart of Highland Park neighborhood that focuses on creating beautiful office supplies. Shorthand operates a letterpress print shop in the back of its store. They recommend stopping by and watching their line of greeting cards and office supplies being handmade.

Their product line ranges from notebooks, pens, calendars, desk materials to art supplies. It is the perfect gift for a co-worker or the person in your life who likes to stay organized and plans ahead.

You have just learned about ten small businesses that you might have not known existed. By knowing more information regarding the story and products of these businesses, you are able to find the perfect gift for your person. We have provided a wide variety of gift options to choose from that can be perfect for your next-door neighbor or even your co-worker that you would like to show your appreciation for. All the gifts included in this guide are unique and under $100. One of our goals for the year is to appreciate and shop from small businesses. We hope that this year you will be able to give both your person and small businesses located in your own community.

Happy shopping!

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