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3 Podcasts That Will Inspire You to Grow

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

An inspirational podcast can set you up for success. Our team is constantly getting inspired by the podcasts we listen to. We have discussions on each podcast and highlight what we have learned from them.


Take a look at what HR Lab is listening to. We hope you enjoy our recommendations!


"Stop Being A Bystander in your Own Life" by Tracy Edwards, Ted Talks Daily

Tracy Edwards is a trailblazer, an ocean racing sailor, and a navigator. In this podcast, she takes the lessons she learned from navigating boats and applies them to life. She begins by sharing that her passion for trailblazing did not come from “her dream to sail;" instead, it came from a bump in her life. She was expelled from school, the school was not for her, and her mother luckily allowed her to go backpacking in Europe. While in Europe, a man asked her if she could navigate. Her answer was, “of course I can’t,” and his response changed her life. He said, “stop being a bystander in your own life, stop looking at what you are doing and start taking part” at that moment, her life began. She learned to navigate in two days! But as she began learning more about the world of sailing, she realized that no man was ever going to let her navigate. She developed a team of 12 women, and they entered the All Around the World Race with their boat, Maden. It was the first time in history that an all-female team was entering the race. It was incredible, but it also brought many challenges. No one wanted to sponsor them, and many did not believe they could do the race. Some even mentioned they would die at sea. However, those negative comments just made them stronger. Her team built Maden from scratch, held fundraisers for expenses, and was the first team to race with a message of peace and equality. They came in second place, and their results are still the best from British boats since 1977. Maiden changed the lives of so many women at the time, and they continue to do that.

Tracy wants girls to know that “you don't have to look a certain way, feel a certain way, behave a certain way, you can be successful, you can follow your dreams and fight for them.” Life does not go from A to B. It is messy. And most importantly, “if just one person believes in you, you can do anything.”

This stuck with me because you never realize how many opportunities we’ve probably all missed. After all, we refuse to believe that we can learn anything. I often tend to turn down activities I think are too complicated or require talent to pursue, although I find them extremely interesting. Tracy Edwards accomplished a fantastic achievement by just believing in herself and her team. This podcast reminded me that anything is possible as long as you keep believing in yourself and training your mind to keep learning until that goal is accomplished.


"The Power of Introverts" Susan Cain, TED Talk