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4 Inspirational Podcasts That Will Change Your Life For the Better

Updated: May 6, 2022

An inspirational podcast can set you up for success. Our team is constantly getting inspired by the podcasts we listen to. We have discussions on each podcast and highlight what we have learned from them.


Take a look at what HR Lab is listening to. We hope you enjoy our recommendations!


"How Much Sleep Do You Need?" by Dr. Jade Wu, Savvy Psychologist

In this podcast, Dr. Jade shares a few tips to determine how much sleep we need. She explains that healthy sleepers differ from one another, and it changes as we age. We constantly hear that 8 hours is the magic number, but that is not 100% true. Eight hours of sleep may work for some, but not for all individuals. We must listen to our bodies to find our magic number.

Have you ever felt tired but not sleepy? For example, do you catch yourself constantly saying you are tired, but once you take yourself to bed, you start thinking of tasks for the next day? As Dr. Jade explains, this is a sign you are tired but wired. You may think you are sleep deprived of feeling tired all day, but you may be trying too hard to get more sleep than your body needs. If you were indeed sleep-deprived, you would have no issues falling asleep. We often think tiredness and sleepiness are intertwined, but we cannot force sleep even when tired. However, if you are sleepy often, you must prioritize sleep! Sometimes we don't take daytime sleepiness too seriously, but if you are continuously dozing off when you don't mean to, you may lack excessive sleep. Try your best to get the most sleep possible. Dr. Jade suggests getting into bed 30 minutes earlier or waking up 30 minutes earlier. You must cherish your rest, do not take it for granted!

The last tip is to keep a constant wake-up time! Having inconsistent sleep schedules can confuse your body and may cause sleepiness one day and insomnia the other. Sleeping 7 hours a night feels much better than switching between 4 hour nights to 7 hour nights. Once you stick to the same wake-up time for a couple of weeks, your body will let you know when to go to bed. We must remember that getting enough sleep is essential for our health and happiness. After listening to this podcast, I now understand that my body needs 7 hours of sleep to wake up feeling productive and motivated. Everyone’s body differs, and the only way to know what your body needs is to listen to it.


"Power of Self Belief" by Layne Beachley, TEDx Talks